AD HARBI d.o.o. Sarajevo is in the process of revitalizing and launching the process of exploitation and processing of pyrophilic shale from the site of Parsovići-Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The mission of the holder of the intended investment is the start of the exploitation of the ore of pyrophyllite and the establishment of production capacities for the processing of ore pyrophyllite by dry and wet process, using modern technologies.

The vision of the holder of the intended investment is to become the reference producer of products based on pyrophyllite, which meets the needs of customers in various industries in the local, regional and wider world market.

Results of all previous research available to the company AD HARBI d.o.o. have shown that mineral pyrophilitis has a comparative advantage over many other mineral resources.

Preparations are under way to establish new and modern technologies and technological solutions, as well as the selection of equipment with which, with the newly developed technologies and solutions, they will achieve the best result in the production process and final products.

Geological explorations and mining works at the location of the site, as well as technological testing of the quality of ore, show that on the narrow site there are large reserves of quality ore, unique on the territory of Europe, with proven total geological reserves of 38.4 million tons.