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BANJA LUKA – 2-3/02/2018 –  AD HARBI d.o.o. Company organised an assemblage of work-meetings in Banja Luka (2nd and 3rd of February), at the amphitheater of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the University of Banja Luka and at the „Grand“ Hotel. Representatives of our respected partners were hosted: ITNMS Belgrade, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Banja Luka, Veterinary Faculty Sarajevo, The Federal Survey for Agropedology and NETZSCH.

The meetings were of informative and consultative character. They were organized for the purpose of making conclusions about mutual strategic interests and goals, by a sequence of negotiations.

The representatives on the meetings presented the newest data about their work, their proposals for future project topics and about technology implementation.

Additionally, individual presentations of the AD HARBI d.o.o. agronomy sector, workers and cooperators were in focus.

The Agronomy sector of AD HARBI d.o.o. presented their activity in projects of final phase, projects on which their current work is concetrated and projects that are planned to be initiated in the future.

A cooperator in the Mining sector of AD HARBI d.o.o., Mr Suad Čosić, MS, ing.min., presented a proposal of a potential project realisation opportunity in the project called „Application of pyrophyllite in the recovery of existing and the creation of new landfills of sanitary waste“. The participants expressed particular pleasure with the concept and ideas for the projects, through a Q&A session after the presentation.

A cooperator in the public relations and project management sector, Nadina Čosić, BA IRES, offered a short review of the funding and grant opportunities, as well as individual funding calls from the EU institutions, as well as institutions of international organisations.

As last, the representative of NETZSCH, Mr Mario Sermek, presented some products that would be of particular interest for the Company, as well as for its cooperators.

On the very end of the meeting assemblage, the organizer’s representative, Mr  Atif Hodžić (advisor), and the Company’s CEO, Mr Muhamed Harbinja, thanked the participants for their time, dedication and hard work in previous projects, participating in meeting, and they have expressed a wish for an equally fertile and productive cooperation in the future.

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